Sunday, August 15, 2010


S'pose I should have started one of these a while ago but was probably too lazy. So now's a good-a-time as any.

As my page title suggests, this will be a place for me to express my idiocincratic view on the all that is in Heaven and on Earth. I warn you that I do need to vent occasionally and some of my 'mutterings' might not make any sence to people who aren't familiar with my life. But please feel free to leave a comment which may or may not be ignored by me.

Having just read another posting by this amazing (going-to-be-world-famous but short) author, I was reminded of things I miss, which is both understandable and a little sad.

As we've moved to another country there are many things I miss about my country of origin (NZ). But the things I miss the most are:
- A freezing morning where you get to bury yourself in layers of soft blankets and duvets, any then the kids coming skidding into the bedroom in their sock covered feet and dive under the covers managing to touch the only bit of exposed (warm) skin your have with their icy cold fingers
- My cat ('though my daughter believes otherwise)
- Real weekend rugby where you get to stand on the touchline watch everyone (from juniors to seniors) play, yell and shout encouragement (and regretably the odd put-down - but then noboby likes the poor ref) while your hands are shoved deep into the fleece-lined pockets of your rugby branded club jacket.
- L&P (cans of course)
- Driving the Napier to Taupo road through the rythmic turns and short-burst straights, on a clear summer night when the moon illumines the forestry pines and the rolling farms.

Must get back soon!

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