Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Game of the 2010 Season

Well here it is! Last Game of the season! And on a bloody Tuesday night... awesome!

My poor U14 team have played 19 games this season with he 20th tonight and they haven't won a single game! Not one! We got close a couple of times but were robbed by that slow fat ref (how can you award a try when you're 30m behind the play?). This referee is the very reason that more than half the players in my team wont be playing rugby union next year. They just gave up because of this fat wanker. The other half of the team are going to other clubs so now we don't even have a club. So well done fat wanker, well done!

If we get this tosser reffing us tonight, we will just walk off. No use playing because he can't ref. He probably knows some of the laws but he can't physically keep up with 13 and 14 year olds. He's, no doubt, a nice person but a long haired ranga who waddles (that's right) should only be reffing under 8's.

Of course, then there's all the support the club (and school) gets from the district union... oh, that's right... none. A pack of self serving liars who only want to look after their clubs and don't give a toss about any other club (especially struggling junior clubs).

So the new focus for next year will be NO CLUB and only work with school rugby, mainly 7's, so those tossers can't do anything to ruin great kids. If fact, I think I'll become an even tougher bastard then them and ban them from any games held on school grounds.

Then there is the decision on whether to coach A's but that's another posting.

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