Monday, August 16, 2010

COA's (Centre of Attention)

Why do some people feel the need to be the COA?

I can understand that we all need our moment in the sun, and I would never deny that of anyone. But I think the 'fifteen minutes' are cumulative and that some of us need to be reminded of that.

We all have problems, we all need to vent occasionally, we all need to spread or wings and grow, we all need the support of others but in doing these things we must be aware of the impact we have on others. Our problems shouldn't become theirs, our venting shouldn't overpower whats others have to say or contribute, and the spreading of our wings shouldn't knock anyone else off their perch.

By all means, be the COA, but do it for the right reasons so that people focus on you and appreciate all that is positive about you. Don't do it because you can and, certainly, don't do it because you think you have a right too, because that is definitely the wrong time.

May the light that shines on you be backed by smiles and accolades.

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