Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do Ghosts haunt the Aliens?

They have to!....don't they?

I mean obviously the Aliens, who pretty much created (slash) guided ancient civilizations to achieve all their wondrous buildings/rituals/inventions/carvings/pictures/writing/etc, must have been visited, while they were here on Earth in their whole guiding role, by ghosts.

Surely the ethereal plan must have been crossed in the presence of the Aliens. If ghosts are going to manifest themselves to everyday "Joe Blogs" then it stands to reason that someone as important as an Alien must have witnessed a ghost.

Aren't these paranormal entities suppose to increase their activity when great change is happening? I can only think of a few things of greater change than the changes brought about by the Aliens. So the building of the spaceship docks/re-chargers (the pyramids) must have been a regular haunt-a-thon. And aren't the pyramids suppose to possess supernatural powers, like giant conductors, harnessing the interstellar charges, like mystical power stations (well, according to Nat.Geo on Austar).

I think they should kick the archiologists out and let the Ghost Hunters in (but not Most Haunted - way too much screaming and unmanly-like behaviour, GHI - just Ghost Hunters wannabes or those two american pansies who call themselves paranormal investigators and then scream at the slightlest sound). But the GH crew would obviously need more gear and more digital voice recorders (because they rock). Don't get me wrong, the K2's have their place but in conjuction with the old DVR, these two things should make for some damn fine evidence.

More to come on this subject.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stress...and VET Audits

Sorry it's been so long between rants but have been busy with this VET Audit...that's where some random comes into the school and checks our program and questions us for two days, that's right, two days! Now I'm all for professionalism but can't they just rely on the professionalism of the actual teachers delivering the program to make the decisions on who is competent? Apparently not! This whole audit is to stress the school and staff to the max and then try to pick holes in the program. And we have to prove that the stuff we teach is 'industry' relevant...for godness sake, it's the course work that AQTF tell us to teach so how can it not be industry relevant? Stupid bureaucrats.

So another late night typing my staff profile (again) because apparently my profile from 2006, 2007 and 2008 isn't good enough. I mean, who doesn't pop out and earn an extra degree just for the hell of it, what with all that extra time between planning, teaching, marking, writing programs, student welfare, implementing state and federal education initiatives, and PD (you know sometimes I actually get to see my wife and kids, no really, I do!).

Stress brought on by bloody pointless audits that wont happen for another 5 years (so they must be really important) isn't worth it but try and convince the powers-that-be of that and they'll bite your head off.

Well back to my profile.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Game of the 2010 Season

Well here it is! Last Game of the season! And on a bloody Tuesday night... awesome!

My poor U14 team have played 19 games this season with he 20th tonight and they haven't won a single game! Not one! We got close a couple of times but were robbed by that slow fat ref (how can you award a try when you're 30m behind the play?). This referee is the very reason that more than half the players in my team wont be playing rugby union next year. They just gave up because of this fat wanker. The other half of the team are going to other clubs so now we don't even have a club. So well done fat wanker, well done!

If we get this tosser reffing us tonight, we will just walk off. No use playing because he can't ref. He probably knows some of the laws but he can't physically keep up with 13 and 14 year olds. He's, no doubt, a nice person but a long haired ranga who waddles (that's right) should only be reffing under 8's.

Of course, then there's all the support the club (and school) gets from the district union... oh, that's right... none. A pack of self serving liars who only want to look after their clubs and don't give a toss about any other club (especially struggling junior clubs).

So the new focus for next year will be NO CLUB and only work with school rugby, mainly 7's, so those tossers can't do anything to ruin great kids. If fact, I think I'll become an even tougher bastard then them and ban them from any games held on school grounds.

Then there is the decision on whether to coach A's but that's another posting.

Monday, August 16, 2010

COA's (Centre of Attention)

Why do some people feel the need to be the COA?

I can understand that we all need our moment in the sun, and I would never deny that of anyone. But I think the 'fifteen minutes' are cumulative and that some of us need to be reminded of that.

We all have problems, we all need to vent occasionally, we all need to spread or wings and grow, we all need the support of others but in doing these things we must be aware of the impact we have on others. Our problems shouldn't become theirs, our venting shouldn't overpower whats others have to say or contribute, and the spreading of our wings shouldn't knock anyone else off their perch.

By all means, be the COA, but do it for the right reasons so that people focus on you and appreciate all that is positive about you. Don't do it because you can and, certainly, don't do it because you think you have a right too, because that is definitely the wrong time.

May the light that shines on you be backed by smiles and accolades.

Muttering (in Pain)

So never wonder around your house (split level) in the early hours of the morning when you're still waking up!

Missed stair, fell forward, took out drying frame (clothes), landed on butt, aggrevated old back injury, stuck on bed looking at ceiling for rest of the day.

Moral of the story: I HATE Mondays!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


S'pose I should have started one of these a while ago but was probably too lazy. So now's a good-a-time as any.

As my page title suggests, this will be a place for me to express my idiocincratic view on the all that is in Heaven and on Earth. I warn you that I do need to vent occasionally and some of my 'mutterings' might not make any sence to people who aren't familiar with my life. But please feel free to leave a comment which may or may not be ignored by me.

Having just read another posting by this amazing (going-to-be-world-famous but short) author, I was reminded of things I miss, which is both understandable and a little sad.

As we've moved to another country there are many things I miss about my country of origin (NZ). But the things I miss the most are:
- A freezing morning where you get to bury yourself in layers of soft blankets and duvets, any then the kids coming skidding into the bedroom in their sock covered feet and dive under the covers managing to touch the only bit of exposed (warm) skin your have with their icy cold fingers
- My cat ('though my daughter believes otherwise)
- Real weekend rugby where you get to stand on the touchline watch everyone (from juniors to seniors) play, yell and shout encouragement (and regretably the odd put-down - but then noboby likes the poor ref) while your hands are shoved deep into the fleece-lined pockets of your rugby branded club jacket.
- L&P (cans of course)
- Driving the Napier to Taupo road through the rythmic turns and short-burst straights, on a clear summer night when the moon illumines the forestry pines and the rolling farms.

Must get back soon!