Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stress...and VET Audits

Sorry it's been so long between rants but have been busy with this VET Audit...that's where some random comes into the school and checks our program and questions us for two days, that's right, two days! Now I'm all for professionalism but can't they just rely on the professionalism of the actual teachers delivering the program to make the decisions on who is competent? Apparently not! This whole audit is to stress the school and staff to the max and then try to pick holes in the program. And we have to prove that the stuff we teach is 'industry' relevant...for godness sake, it's the course work that AQTF tell us to teach so how can it not be industry relevant? Stupid bureaucrats.

So another late night typing my staff profile (again) because apparently my profile from 2006, 2007 and 2008 isn't good enough. I mean, who doesn't pop out and earn an extra degree just for the hell of it, what with all that extra time between planning, teaching, marking, writing programs, student welfare, implementing state and federal education initiatives, and PD (you know sometimes I actually get to see my wife and kids, no really, I do!).

Stress brought on by bloody pointless audits that wont happen for another 5 years (so they must be really important) isn't worth it but try and convince the powers-that-be of that and they'll bite your head off.

Well back to my profile.

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