Saturday, December 18, 2010

Addicted to presents

That's right... Addicted!

I, like most of us, enjoy opening presents. Birthdays, Christmas, Thank You, Love You (the list goes on) gifts. Whether they be big or small, expensive or not, surprise or expected, there is something intrinsically wonderfull about opening it. But I'm not yet an addict...unlike my wife.

My wife is addicted to receiving gifts, presents, parcels, etc. This blog is not ment to belittle her in any way. It's more of an intervention to highlight the dependence on "receiving" she has created. Now this "need" may be a result of my male tendencies to 'forget the little things' (and sometimes the big things) and not truely cater to her romantic perception of the husband that surprises her with small adorable gifts occassionally.

She started few years ago, using eBay as her surragate "gift giver". She would buy things for her scrapbooking hobby (at least that was what she told me). Then the occassional purchase turned into the weekly purchase. But she was now buying bulk to "onsell" and therefore get her item free.

But she has now moved past this weekly purchase. She is now expecting parcels everyday. If fact I now believe that we created our online scrapbooking supply shop just so she could feed her habit. She phones home, the kids or me, everyday asking what parcels have arrived. Wo betide anyone who must break the news that nothing has arrived. The rant at the end of the phone is enough to scare even the strongest.

Ah, but it a parcel is there then all is good. Two or more parcels and you can feel the Earth spin just a little faster without the weight of expectancy on it.

Yes, she is an Addict!

(more to come)

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