Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh thank god (and I do) for the school holidays.

For the last few weeks I really thought I wasn't going to make it. This term just seemed to last for ever, which is strange, because, on one hand I was overly keen for it to be over but every hour seemed like a million years, and on the other hand it felt like I hadn't enough time to complete all the "urgent" bureaucratic bulls**t paper work for the VET audit and moderation. A paradox of time and space, obviously the aliens were just messin' with me (hope I wasn't probed).

And of course, with the end of the term comes the bliss that is "non-contact", and the inevitable cold. Why is it that when I'm ready to languish in the fluid relaxation of no classes, I get sick? I spend most of the first week struggling to breathe which then leaves me with just one week to complete the encyclopedia of tasks my wife leaves for me to complete during my "time off". When do I get to just relax and forget about teaching, marking and....hold on, marking!

Now this really bites my goat. Marking during the holidays, that's right, work away from work. I was ever so luck to have my poor BCT class scheduled to sit their exam on the very last session of block exams. The LAST session, the one that finished at 3:10pm on Friday (remember that the holidays start at 3:10:01pm). I literally had 3 spare days during block exams as all my senior business classes had either exams or work experience, so I had the time to mark the kids work. But "nooo", I had supervisions and nothing to mark because of this rediculous schedule which left me with 24 ninety minute exams to mark before first day back.

Ahh, the holidays.

PS. Sorry haven't muttered for a while but been just a little busy and our poor iMac got sick, but is all better now (or should be for the fortune they charged me)

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  1. You never complete that "encyclopedia of tasks" regardless.